About Us

About St Paul’s ABC.

The origins of St Pauls ABC.

Formed in June 2009, St Paul’s Amateur Boxing Club currently operates from a rented premises at Riverdale Park East, West Belfast. The club was formed when a number of senior boxers and coaches moved away from the Gleann ABC in the nearby Glencolin area. For such a young club, St Paul’s ABC has been very successful inside the ring. Part of their success lies in the way they coach and organise.


The club are well grounded in the local community and have established formal links with many of the community and neighbourhood associations throughout the immediate area. The club plan to develop a community gym for the local residents in this particular area of West Belfast.


St Paul’s ABC aim to provide opportunities for local youths to participate in sport. Situated in an area of high social need, the club has been successful in engaging with many young people and giving them the opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity. The club believe that the positive attributes associated with participating in sport will help many young people stay away from crime and anti-social behaviour.


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